The Spiral Effect of Youth Unemployment on Insecurity in Nigeria

Kola Masha, Managing Director, Babban Gona, illustrates his thoughts on the spiralling effect of youth unemployment on insecurity in Nigeria.

“Rising youth unemployment in West Africa increases violence which destabilizes regional economies and threatens to accelerate a migration problem that would dwarf the current refuge crisis.”

Located in Nigeria in the heart of West Africa, Babban Gona uses a unique technology platform to make farming more profitable to create millions of youth jobs, interrupting the root causes of violence, stimulating strong economic growth, and alleviating the migration of the unemployed.

Babban Gona is currently the largest maize producing entity in West Africa, where for the last 10 years Babban Gona has consistently enabled its smallholder members to increase their yields and attain net incomes of more than double the national average.

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