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The Story of Indo Emmanuel

My name is Indo Emmanuel. Honestly, I wasn't able to do so much with my life except fry Kose (Bean Cake) which was 1000/2000 naira. Since I became a part of Babban Gona my business has been going well and we have been able to meet the needs of our family. It was just about ½ or 1 hectare.Read More....

The Story of Talatu Ibrahim

Talatu Ibrahim is a TGE with Babban Gona from the small community of Rafin Guza. This community is one of the settlements on the banks of the Kaduna River and is located in Kaduna - North Local Government Area, with a population...Read more
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The Story of Shuaibu Mustapha

Shuaibu Mustapha from Angwan Ganye earned 2X more money with Babban Gona. Prior to joining Babban Gona, he  farmed 1 Ha, got 25 bags and earned below one hundred and seventy thousand naira but after joining Babban Gona, he got 57 bags from the same land and earned over three hundred and fifty thousand naira.


Member Stories_Muhammed Mustapha

The Story of Muhammed Mustapha

Muhammed Mustapha from one of our hubs, Igabi earned 6X more money, before he joined Babban Gona, he Farmed 1 Ha, got 12 bags and earned less than a hundred thousand naira. With Babban Gona he got 62 bags from the same land and earned five figures over five times of what he earned before. 



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