Service delivery model

We provide four key services required for smallholder farmer members to be successful:

  1. Financial Service: Utilizing an innovative approach to de-risk members of the farmer groups, Babban Gona raises cost effective capital to finance the members of Babban Gona.
  2. Agricultural Input Services: Babban Gona provides the appropriate balance of agricultural inputs, at the right time, applied in the right way, at highly competitive prices. This ensures that members of Babban Gona attain optimal levels of productivity and product quality, while minimizing negative environmental impacts.
  3. Training & Development: Babban Gona provides the required training and development to establish strong democratic farmer groups.
  4. Marketing Services: Members get access to Babban Gona market services that assure good warehousing practices, access to good markets and increased profits.

Our Franchise Model

  • Babban Gona Franchises Farmer Groups
  • Babban Gona provides tailored and cost effective end-to-end professional training, input, credit and marketing services to Groups
  • Groups adhere to Babban Gona’s advises and benefit from services to increase yields and profits