What We Want to Be

We want to be an organization where all of us are continuously improving every day, so we become the earth’s highest impact business.

About Babban Gona - End Insecurity

We believe that everyone deserves a secure future, and to secure this future, we must END insecurity.

About Babban Gona - Mission

The Babban Gona agriculture franchise overcomes a key underlying structural problem that keeps Nigerian smallholder farmer members poor – low economies of scale.

About Babban Gona - Make more money

We believe that to end insecurity, we must make smallholder farmer members more money.

What We Believe

We believe farmers are constantly worried about tomorrow. We believe poverty has trapped many of them in a very difficult life. We believe good kind people who work as hard as them do not deserve this fate. We know from our experience, that if our member farmers follow our 3 year path to a better life, their status in their community will improve, and they will have a better, more peaceful life.

How We Work

About Babban Gona - Members first

Members First

We are always willing to go above and beyond to improve our members’ lives. We ensure our best members have a 100% of return every year.

About Babban Gona - Passionately committed

Passionately Committed

We continue to raise the bar and drive our team to deliver high-quality products, exceptional services and thorough processes.

About Babban Gona - Continuously Innovate

Continuously Innovate

We continuously explore technology to innovate and eliminate complexity by implementing seamless processes. This enables our members to earn more income and use this increased income to make their lives better.

About Babban Gona - Trusted


We earn our members trust by constantly delivering on our promises

About Babban Gona - Rapid Execution

Rapid Execution

We work hard, we work smart and we work fast.

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