Reasons why top talent want to work in the agricultural space

Reasons why top talent want to work in the agricultural space

work in agricultural space

The agricultural sector in Nigeria employs more than 36% of the country’s labour force, it remains one of the largest sectors, contributing an average of 24% to the nation’s GDP over the past seven years (2013 – 2019). The constant growth and evolving nature of the sector calls for consistent innovation and collaborative effort thereby attracting diverse talents regardless of their backgrounds. The following are three (3) reasons why top talents want to work in the agricultural space.

Agriculture will always be relevant: Apart from being a progressive sector, the agricultural sector will always be needed in every economy. The rising population of every country comes with the need to feed them and gain food security; thereby calling for more labour and engagement within the sector. This means that top talents would worry less about job security, and as a bonus enjoy better salaries due to high demand compared to contemporaries in other sectors.

Agriculture is a fast-evolving sector: The agricultural sector in Nigeria is booming, with high-tech innovations coming to play and redefining the traditional idea of what agriculture has been. Top talents want to be associated with growth and diversity; they want to be in a sector that allows for innovation whilst making major impact and influence, they want to see results.

As a top talent considering a sector to settle in, the agricultural sector allows you the flexibility of showcasing and developing your strengths, and guess what, you do not need prior experience of farming in Nigeria or anywhere in the world!

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