2021 Trends in Agriculture to watch out for

2021 Trends in Agriculture to watch out for

trends in agriculture

Trends are the general direction into which something is changing or veering towards. They are usually informed by either current happenings, prevailing data/insights and patterns noticed overtime. Trends come and go, but industries remain. However, industries must leverage current trends to address relevant needs and remain productive. These are trends to watch out for in the agricultural space in 2021.

The rise of Agritech: The Global Covid-19 pandemic had massive effects across industries with the agricultural sector inclusive. However, despite the apparent slowdown in some activities; the sector still experienced growth in Nigeria, The understanding that agriculture has evolved beyond manual routines has perhaps saved the sector and contributed to the increased productivity in the sector. The use of Autonomous Equipment, adoption of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile applications; drones and sensors for farm operations is a trend to look out for in 2021.

Collaborations: Building partnerships and collaboration across the agroindustry would evolve, with more parties joining effort and resources to achieve faster results.

Increased Youth Participation: Youth engagement not just in farming in Nigeria but professional interest in the sector would experience a surge. Having improved in the level of innovations and technological outlook, youth engagement in the sector would experience a boost; including top talents thereby improving youth participation in the sector.

Improved Customer Interaction: Agro-allied companies would focus on building a customer-centric system, tailoring experiences/products based on the needs of customers.

The agricultural sector is laced with numerous untapped potentials waiting to be unleashed, however, with the current trajectory of the industry we are positive that these trends and many more would be major highlights in not just 2021 but will set the pace for other new practices in the coming years.


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