Video: Optimizing for Better Service Delivery & Input Distribution to Babban Gona ‘Members Using Agric OS

In this video Jonah Dinka Gutau, our Area Supervisor for Ikara and Giwa local governments, Kaduna State, Nigeria talks to us about Babban Gona’s operations before the start of a new farming season.

Jonah also speaks about Babban Gona’s Agric OS, a farming software created and developed by Babban Gona’s Product and Engineering teams. He explains to us how the Agric OS software has enabled Babban Gona to offer improved service delivery to members, with features such as Artificial Intelligence powered facial recognition, data-driven resources allocation, data analytics, members data validation and more.

We also had the opportunity to discuss with our member, Abdul Aliyu from Rikuchi, Kubau Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria, a member of Babban Gona since 2015 (7 years). Abdul shares with us the positive impact of Babban Gona in his life and how the quality farming input and training received from Babban Gona has helped him become a better and more profitable farmer.

Better Life!

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