Video: Impact of Babban Gona’s Modern Farming Training on Smallholder Farmers Productivity

Our smallholder farmer members, Babbangida Hamisu, 32 years old and Markus Ibrahim, 29 years old, from Ikara Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria, share their thoughts with us during a visit to their respective farms in the ongoing 2022 planting season.

Hamisu and Ibrahim spoke about the impact of Babban Gona’s modern farming and climate-friendly training on the productivity of their farms.

They also discuss the benefits that they have enjoyed since they joined Babban Gona, such as better education for their wards, sorting hospital bills, regular meals and more.

They both look forward to better yields during the harvest period for this planting season.

By teaching our smallholder farmer members modern methods of farming and incorporating technological and artificial intelligence solutions such as our Soil and Plant Health Monitoring system, we help them become profitable and successful farmers.

Watch the video for full details.

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