Top 8 in Demand Jobs in Agritech Companies

Jobs in agritech - in Demand Jobs in Agritech Companies

There has been an increase in the number of talents, youths most especially, seeking jobs in agritech companies. This may be attributed to improved access to funding opportunities, farm inputs, technological innovations and digital solutions in the agricultural sector.  In 2020, youths accounted for over 70% of Babban Gona’s members.

Experts in the past stated that emerging technologies in agriculture would drive youth inclusion in the agricultural sector, offering many career opportunities. The increasing adoption of Agricultural Technology in Nigeria has changed the perception of Nigerians towards agriculture. Presently, agriculture provides employment for over a third of the country’s population.

Rightly predicted by experts, the adoption of technology in agriculture has created numerous career opportunities and job vacancies in agritech companies both for agricultural and non-agricultural-related positions. You can check this blog post for a list of careers in agriculture you can can explore.

If you are keen on working in the Agrictech space, we have listed the top 8 in-demand jobs that companies in the agritech sector are constantly looking to hire for.

8 in Demand Jobs in Agritech Companies

  1. Software Engineer
  2. UI/UX Specialist.
  3. Data Analyst.
  4. AI Specialist.
  5. Business Development and Sales.
  6. Digital Content Creator.
  7. Marketing Communications.
  8. Finance (Operations and Corporate Finance).

Software Engineer

This is a top job position almost in demand in all industries. There’s an increasing need for companies to develop mobile applications, software, websites, etc., and it is the same for the Agritech industry that primarily leverages technology for more innovative farming.

Software Engineers’ duties in Agritech companies are; but not limited to website development, web portal creation for investors to monitor investments, applications for data entry, and many more.

So If you’ve been wondering how your role as a software engineer fits into the agritech industry, the details above should give you an insight into some of the job duties and projects you will most likely take on.

UI/UX Specialist

A User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) specialist focuses on designing the user interface of a product, e.g., website, mobile application, mobile devices, and more. A UI/UX also implements strategies or techniques to ensure users find it easy to use the interface, take desired actions, and have a great experience while using it generally. It is beyond aesthetics.

As a UI/UX specialist in an agritech company, you will be tasked with designing the company’s website interface, mobile applications, landing pages, and more.

Data Analyst

A data analyst job in an agritech company is crucial; they help organizations make smarter decisions based on the data gathered from previous and present farming endeavors. 

A data analyst helps companies make sense of raw data and reproduce it as more actionable insights.

Jobs in agritech - AI specialist

AI Specialist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialists are the champions of Agritech companies; they create software, machines, and applications that make farming easier and more profitable for farmers and agritech companies.

Weather forecasting that helps farmers predict the weather and the right time to plant, precision and predictive farming, smart irrigation, soil, and plant health monitoring systems are amongst the few AI technological solutions created by AI specialists for agriculture.

Business Development and Sales

Business Development and Sales executives like the job role suggests ensuring agritech companies can make sales from their products and attract investors to keep the company running and make it profitable.

On the business development side of things, this role ensures the development of agricultural products that are commercially viable and works on creating or discovering new business opportunities for the company. While the sales role ensures these products are sold and convinces prospective customers or investors to buy into them.

Digital Content Creator

This inclusion of this role might seem on this list, but there’s an increasing demand for digital content creators across all sectors, especially for technology-related companies. With agritech companies leveraging social media, online press releases, blog posts, imagery, and more to create brand awareness and sell their company, products, and services, it is a no-brainer why this role is essential.

A digital content creator ensures a company creates skillfully crafted content tailored to suit its customers, investors, and the general audience through digital channels such as the website, product description pages, email newsletters, mobile applications, social media, etc.

Marketing Communications

The marketing communications role helps an agritech company effectively communicate, advertise and sell its agricultural products, services, and innovations to its end-users, build and maintain relationships with customers, prospects, and other important stakeholders in the company.

This role is also crucial for agritech companies because marketing communicators are saddled with creating marketing strategies, defining and managing the brand’s image, conducting marketing campaigns, producing marketing and promotional materials, and more.

jobs in agritech - finance operations

Finance (Operations and Corporate Finance)

Management of money is a fundamental aspect in running not just agritech companies but all businesses also, which is the primary duty of the finance department.

The finance operations role in agritech companies involves providing sound financial guidance and advice, supporting the procurement processes, payment and disbursement support.

Corporate Finance role is a critical role in an agritech company; individuals in this role are in charge of funding sources, the company’s capital structure, and decision making for investments. This role is also concerned with increasing the lifetime value of the company’s shareholders through various financial strategies.

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