Health Benefits of Poultry Products with Nutritional Facts

health benefits of poultry

Poultry meat is one of the most consumed meats globally, and it accounts for almost half of the global consumption of meat, about 137 million tonnes of poultry meat was consumed in 2020. The health benefits of poultry products are numerous, and they are vital for human growth and development.

Poultry farming is beyond just chicken meat or chicken eggs; there are other poultry products that serve as sources of poultry meat, such as turkey, ducks, guinea fowl, etc. One of the reasons people love chicken meat, aside from its delicious taste, is because it serves as a good source of protein.

We will be sharing the significant nutritional benefits of chicken that you need to know:

4 Health Benefits of Poultry Products

  1. Growth and body development.
  2. Adequate distribution of oxygen in the body
  3. Strong immune system
  4. For a glowing skin and healthy hair
health benefits of poultry products-growth and body development

Growth and Body Development

Poultry products are rich in protein, chicken and egg have an average of up to 20% and 26% protein value respectively, which is an essential nutrient for the growth and development of the body. Protein helps your body to maintain and build muscle mass and strength, which is why they are recommended for bodybuilders and fit-fam enthusiasts.

Protein also enables bones in your body to remain healthy and is highly recommended for child growth and development. You should, without fail, give your child an adequate amount of protein daily.

Adequate Distribution of Oxygen in the Body

Iron is a vital mineral for blood production in the body. About 70% of the iron found in your body is estimated to be in the blood called hemoglobin, while the iron found in your muscle cells is called myoglobin. They both aid in the transfer of oxygen in the body and muscle cells.

Your body is able to readily absorb iron when you consume poultry meat, this is because it produces heme iron (a form of iron), and your body can take in up to 30% of heme iron that you consume as against non-heme iron found in vegetables, beans, fruits, etc., which is harder for the body to absorb.

Strong Immune System

Poultry products are excellent sources of Zinc(Zn), they provide up to 19% of the daily recommended intake of zinc, which helps your body to stay healthy or become healthier by strengthening the immune system. Zinc deficient persons have been reported to be more susceptible to various types of pathogens than individuals with adequate Zinc.

Poultry meat is a valuable food source for the Zinc element within the recommended hygienic level, as discussed in this report.

Health benefits of poultry-glowing skin

For a Glowing SKIN and Healthy Hair

If you’ve been looking for natural ways to have glowing skin and healthy hair, you just found it, and yes, it is by ingesting poultry products. As you may well know by now, poultry products are rich in protein, which is made up of amino acids.

Amino acids produce keratin, a fibrous structural protein of your skin, hair, and nails. Eggs, in particular, are a great source of keratin.

Collagen is another protein found in poultry products, and it is about three-quarters of your skin and a third of the whole protein in your body. Collagen protein is responsible for the stretching and elasticity of the skin; however, the older you get, the harder it gets for the body to produce. 

To increase the level of collagen, keratin, and protein in your body to have that glowing skin naturally and or healthy hair, you need to increase your intake of poultry products.

Other Health Benefits of Protein Products

  • It maintains and improves the health of the heart and brain.
  • Healthy nervous system.
  • It is a source of essential fatty acids.

You should consider adding poultry products to your weekly food consumption for a balanced diet and healthy living.

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