Some Common Myths About Agriculture

Some Common Myths About Agriculture

myths about agriculture

The agricultural sector is perhaps one of the most underrated sectors in Nigeria, due to various perceptions that people have about the industry. However, while some of these may have been the case several decades ago, there has been a tremendous change within the sector and it has continued to evolve with time.

Below are some popular myth about Agriculture and Farming you should know about. Especially if you are interested in building a career or business within the agricultural sector.

Small-holder farmers are just a minute group; Smallholders are small-scale farmers, pastoralists, forest keepers, fishers who manage areas varying from less than one hectare to 10 hectares. According to FAO, Eighty per cent of the farmland in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia is managed by smallholders (working on up to 10 hectares). Smallholders provide up to 80 per cent of the food supply in Asian and sub-Saharan Africa.

Women rarely work in Agriculture: Women comprise an average of 43 per cent of the agricultural labour force of developing countries up to almost 50 per cent in Eastern and Southeastern Asia and sub-Saharan African

Farmers are uneducated.
Farming is local, traditional and not a trendy profession.
Farming does not demand financial capital.
The assumption that organic farming is sustainable.
All chemicals and Pesticides are harmful to produce.
Agriculture does not require the use of technology or social media.
Organic farms and conventional farms are rivals.
There is no future in Agriculture.

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