6 Safety Tips to Prevent Farm Injuries

tips to prevent farm injuries

Farm injuries can be minimal or fatal depending on the circumstances leading up to them. It could be a small bruise or a life-threatening cut, which you can easily prevent by following simple safety tips or guidelines.

Globally, it is reported that at least about 170,000 farmers or farm workers are fatally injured annually. Farm injuries do not only affect individuals, but also farm activities, in a research conducted on mechanised farms in Niger, Kaduna and Kwara States and the Federal Capital Territory, showed that about 30.67% of farm injuries result in substantial time loss.

Here are 6 Safety Tips to Prevent Farm Injuries or Accidents

  1. Wear a Farm Boot.
  2. Wear Gloves when needed.
  3. Switch Off Farm Equipment After Use
  4. Always Read the Equipment Manual
  5. Train Anyone Before They Use an Equipment
  6. If You Feel Tired or Fatigued, Stop
Tips to Prevent Farm Injuries-farm boot

Wear a Farm Boot

Farm boots are a great asset for farmers who care about their safety while working on the farm fields or walking through them. Farm boots help to prevent injuries such as cuts, and bruises that may occur when you step on sharp objects or when walking through rough terrains. It can also keep you safe from snake or insect bites.

Wear Gloves When Needed

Wearing hand gloves when performing certain activities on the farm, such as applying pesticides, and fertilisers, attending to farm animals, handpicking farm produce during harvest and more. It helps prevent bacterial infection or direct contact with harmful chemicals.

Switch Off Farm Equipment After Use

Ensure you switch off any farm equipment immediately after use or when you want to take a break. Thinking you can quickly get other things done while the equipment is still on may lead to an accident. This is one of the most important tips to prevent farm injuries.

Always Read the Equipment Manual

Before using unfamiliar farm equipment or equipment you haven’t used for a while, read the instruction manual. Safety usage/instructions for farm equipment are added to the manual by manufacturers.

Train Anyone Before they Use an Equipment

Give proper training to anyone who intends to operate any equipment. You can have them look at you while operating the equipment, demonstrate the use of every part of the equipment and ensure that they understand it. Before leaving them to operate the equipment independently or without supervision, ensure they can use it efficiently while you are present within a specified period.

If You Feel Tired Or Fatigued, Stop

When fatigue or tiredness sets in, stop working and take a rest. It is easy to make mistakes that can lead to fatal injuries when you’re tired. Instead of trying to push your body beyond its limit, take a rest, you can continue the work later.

Agriculture in Nigeria is an important part of the country’s economy and it provides employment for over 30% of the population. Using these safety tips to prevent injuries will ensure farmers or your workers can work safely and productively.

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