4 Tech Products Farmers Use to Increase Their Yields

The adoption of digital technologies in agriculture has become a developing trend in modern day farming in Nigeria.  

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In General, there are tech apps and programs that have contributed to the increase in farmers yield, here are some of these programs and how they have contributed to enhancing farmers’ level of productivity and yields.

Tech Products Farmers Use To Increase Their Yields

Mobile Applications

The use of mobile applications offer a wide range of programs such as weather tracking reports, payment portals, market access, nutrient calculators,  data collection, data analytics and data storage options. It offers farmers a chance to stay updated on recent trends and connect to other communities of farmers.

Tech products farmers use: mobile applications

Satellite Monitoring Crop Growth & GPS Trackers

These offer high-resolution images and life reports from farms, especially at the crop-monitoring stage.  Farmers have the opportunity to monitor their farmlands, see the health status of their crops without being physically present, thereby being able to expend energy and resources in other areas.

Tech products farmers use - satellite monitoring

Automated Equipment & Robotics

Automated equipment is fast becoming a popular trend in recent times. They help manage time and increase efficiency. The adoption of Artificial intelligence is also a developing trend in Nigeria, although not popular, mostly these robots are used during harvesting, sorting and packing.

Tech products farmers use - automated equipment

Sensors and Chips

Sensors and Chips help farmers measure and monitor the nutrients, humidity, temperature in the soil, the density of weeds and a lot more. Farmers are able to monitor closely and know when to intervene in order to get the best yields.

Tech products farmers use - chips and sensors

The use of these programs/apps increase efficiency, optimize farming processes, reduce losses, maximize available resources while bridging the gap between farmers and consumers thereby exposing them to a larger market. What are other agritech applications that you know? Let us know in the comment sections below.

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