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Soil Preparation: What You Need to Know.

Soil is the backbone of agriculture and should be best suited for growing different crops and producing better yields. Because no soil is perfect, soil preparation is required both before and after cultivation. Agricultural soil is described as loamy, productive soil because there are numerous different types of soil and some are not suitable for …

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ASPIRE GLOBAL PARTNER, BABBAN GONA, INVESTS IN YOUNG PEOPLE TODAY FOR A BETTER TOMORROW Babban Gona, one of Aspire’s partner organizations in Nigeria, aims to ameliorate the level of poverty and violence so that the African economy continues to grow. Founded in 2012 during a time of continued turmoil and insecurity in West Africa, such …

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13 Fascinating Facts About Soybeans

One of the main food and industrial crops growing on every continent is the soybean.  With minimal agricultural input, the crop can be effectively cultivated in various states of Nigeria. This is due to its resistance to weather, diseases, and pests.. It also requires lower use of fertilizers, making it an excellent rotational crop with corn, …

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