Youth empowerment through Agriculture.

Engaging the youth in Agribusiness is imperative for sustaining the agricultural sector, its effects span across expanding the sector and improving the economy of the country. Some of the reasons why we should consider youth empowerment through Agriculture are:

  • Creating employment opportunities for young people: Creating employment opportunities for young people is key for us at Babban Gona. We believe that a major way to engage the youth and prevent them from being lured into joining insurgent groups is by keeping them gainfully employed. Through this, there would also be a decline in the tendency of the youth returning to violence.
  • Reducing the Nation’s dependence on imported food and improving food security status: Food security for every nation is important and to achieve this, the nation has to intentionally invest in the sector, this includes both material and human resources. Encouraging the youth to fully participate in the agricultural sector would increase the level of productivity with the sector which would increase its efficiency in terms of ensuring food security.
  • Creating a sustainable career-line for individuals with fewer skills: The increase in productivity and income of the farmers will bring about an inclusive rural transformation and development, which may also lead to a reduction in the level of rural-urban migration. Thus, bringing a sense of fulfillment for everyone regardless of their status. 

The key to ensuring the participation of the youth in the agribusiness is also largely dependent on our ability to adopt innovative practices and leverage on the use of technology in agriculture, we believe that by adopting this approach, we can attract the youth and change their perception about the sector.

You can click the video below to watch our Executive Director, Lola Masha discuss how we can empower the youth through Agriculture.