Smallholder Partnerships Analyst

Babban Gona seeks to hire an Analyst to provide support to the Smallholder Partnerships team.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage recruiting, training, and performance management of farmer members – iteratively ensuring that standards of agronomy best practices are maintained;
  • Resolve all farmer concerns in a proactive and timely manner according to company standards – within a 24 hour period from reporting date;
  • Intervene as required when customer service challenges escalate and must be addressed at higher level;
  • Build rapport with existing and prospective farmers using assertiveness and confidence to educate them on the value of remaining Babban Gona farmers;
  • Work in partnership with relevant team members and business units to develop and execute local tactics, as well as provide feedback on comprehensive recruitment and retention programs;
  • Educate team on best practices and ensure standards are maintained on providing professional, best-in-class service to member farmers and monitor compliance;
  • Provide farmers with timely and adequate resources to ensure that the Babban Gona brand is always accessible to the members we serve;
  • Interfacing with local leaders and representing the company as a “brand ambassador” across communities.
  • Manage team to ensure 100% accuracy on plant growing activity is logged on appropriate software application
  • Guide team on people management issues
  • Ensure that standards are maintained and members are in good standing;
  • Constantly communicating program status and risks to leadership, and presenting options and recommendations;
  • Constantly improving the overall customer experience;


  • Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, or any related field;
  • Proven problem solving abilities;
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills;
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
  • Goal oriented, self-motivated, confident, thorough and tenacious;
  • Positive attitude to work;
  • Customer-oriented – Adaptability and flexibility to quickly adjust to changing environments and product offerings.
  • Interfacing with local leaders and representing the company as a “brand ambassador” across the community.

Start Up Environment 

  • Thrives in a fast paced, start-up environment with dynamic business priorities. 

Detailed Orientation and Managing Complexity

  • Extensive experience leading a complex organization and passion for getting into details to identify root cause of issues and create innovative solutions. 


  • Babban Gona currently operates a decentralized model with 10 offices spread across Nigeria. 
  • Role would be based in Northern Nigeria.