Prosperity through Citizen Entrepreneurship

Babban Gona recently took part in The General Assembly of Corporate Citizens, with more than 250 international leaders, experts, thinkers and change-agents on the 29th and 30th of June 2019 in Essaouira, Morocco. The conference served to share solutions and creating innovative partnerships in the fields of education, climate change, good governance, employment and sustainable finance with the aim of working together to accelerate the transition towards a sustainable economy.

The goal of the event, co-organised by Thinkers & Doers and the Association Essaouira-Mogador, was to engage a collective reflection on citizen entrepreneurship under the banner of ‘Economy for Humanity’. This General Assembly, which gathers hundreds of individuals every year from all around the world includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, non-profit sector representatives, decision-makers and academic experts. Last year alone, over 35 countries were represented. The event serves to build stronger ties between businesses, the public sector and non-profit organizations in order to scale up solutions for building a better future for all.


This year’s overarching theme was PROSPERITY. The discussions were focused on how businesses could and must help build prosperous societies, beyond wealth. Prosperous societies, in this context, means peaceful, sustainablele and fair. In order to succeed in attaining shared prosperity,  three major challenges need to solve i.e. (i) Climate change; (ii) Equality and (iii) Social Progress.





Lola Masha (Executive Director), representing Babban Gona, shared how we play our part by actively contributing to this dynamic of corporate citizenship and positive change. Our holistic package offering to smallholder farmers of financial credit, training, agricultural inputs and harvest and marketing services is ensuring that smallholder farmer incomes and livelihoods are significantly transformed, and we are propelling their communities on to the path of prosperity.


Find below our top pick for the week on Citizen Entrepreneurship, and the role we all can play in attaining fairer, more prosperous and peaceful societies.

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