Partner WIth US

Babban Gona offers several opportunities for interested agricultural companies to work with us and our small scale farmers.

Input supplier

Babban Gona consistently utilizes the latest technologies including seed, fertilizer and equipment, to ensure that farmers are optimizing their yields. If you are interested in being an input supplier to the Babban Gona farms, contact¬†[email protected] with subject header: Input Supplier.

Maize Off-taker

Maize from the Babban Gona smallholder farmer members go through a rigorous quality control system from the point of planting to storage. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques throughout the planting and harvest seasons to ensure that our maize are toxin free and stored appropriately. If you are interested in purchasing Babban Gona maize, contact [email protected] with subject header: Maize Off-taker