Information, Communication, Technology and Telecommunication Exhibition (ICTEL EXPO) 2019


Lola Masha (Executive Director, Babban Gona) and other participants at the event (Photo Credit: ICTEL)

Babban Gona was a part of the ICTEL Expo 2019 which took place at the Landmark Events Centre, Lagos from the 16th-17th July 2019. The 5th in its series, the theme for this year’s event was “The Fourth Industrial Revolution; The Nigerian Story”. It was a gathering that provided excellent networking opportunities for business owners as well as provided an overview of the present and future potentials within the Information, Communication, Technology, and Telecoms industry in West Africa. Organized by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), the event also provided a platform for government and regulatory agencies and other stakeholders in the tech space to learn, interact and share from their wealth of experience.

Lola Masha (Executive Director, Babban Gona) and other participants on the AgriTech Panel (Photo credit: ICTEL)

Our Executive Director, Lola Masha was on the Agritech panel with other representatives of agricultural firms who also leverage the use of technology in their operations.  The topic of the panel was “Emerging Technologies in Agritech and their relevance in maximizing food production”. The panel provided an opportunity for discussions and sharing sessions on ground breaking innovations and trends in the Agritech space. One of the key take-aways from the session was the fact that digital revolution, technology-driven updates and innovations were critical factors for the success and sustainability of agricultural enterprises.

Lola Masha (Executive Director, Babban Gona) receiving a plaque at the event.                        (Photo Credit: ICTEL)

Babban Gona had the opportunity to share about our impact within the Nigerian agricultural sector, the challenges and strategies adopted in mitigating them, especially through leveraging technology to achieve positive, sustainable impact.