Humans of BG: Nuhu Ishaya

I joined BG in the year 2013 when it first started in a village called Saulawa in Ikara LGA.

My major role currently has to do with supervision. Normally, Babban Gona actively gets involved in lots of activities both in offseason and in season. These activities range from the collection of farm inputs like fertilizers, seed cleaning, and storage, Nestle cleaning, grain haulage as well as the distribution of these inputs to members in preparation for the seasons farming activities and for sales. We also ensure proper records are kept, of all inventories under our custody. As the season goes by, we also make adequate preparations for harvest collection which usually starts in October and runs through till January. All these activities are being carried out under our supervision, ensuring that inventories are handled extra carefully, such that imbalance is minimized to the barest minimum.

The various challenges I have faced in my role have presented me with opportunities to continue to grow. The secret to being a successful employee lies in his or her ability to play his or her part/role diligently whenever it is being assigned.  Joining Babban Gona has always taught me to ask questions and seek advice on things that I do not understand and are needed to make me come out successful in executing any task given to me.

Anyone who wants to work with Babban Gona must be ready to dedicate a significant portion of his or her time and energy. They should learn to be patient, be men and women of unquestionable integrity. They should also learn to be accountable at all times.