Institutional Investors

Babban Gona, through its parent company Doreo Partners works with institutional investors to structure financing packages for its smallholder farmer members. Finance packages provide investors with both financial returns and social impact.

Individual Investors


Investors can opt to purchase Babban Gona’s Raise Out of Poverty bond (ROPO). ROPO is Nigeria’s first social impact bond that enables investors attain a reasonable return on their investment, while providing them a platform to track the impact of their investment in lifting smallholder farmer members out of poverty. If you are interested in investing in ROPO contact [email protected] with subject heading: ROPO Bond



Investors seeking to make micro loans can invest through Babban Gona’s profile. Babban Gona is a Kiva approved field partner with a 0% delinquency rate. Kiva provides individual micro-lenders ($25 and more) with the ability to lend directly to Babban Gona smallholder farmer members for a specified period of time and recoup payment in full.

Grants / Donations

Babban Gona works with granting organizations that provide grants which are aligned with our areas of work and competencies. This includes but not limited to: agriculture, rural development, impact investing, social innovation, and social enterprises. We welcome the opportunity to submit proposals.