Babban Gona Documentary on ARTE TV: “Farmers for Peace”

Author: Peggy Bruguière

In Nigeria, arable land is estimated at about 80 million hectares. This could be a source of livelihood for our country’s 190 million people and a job opportunity for the 2 million Nigerians who enter the labour market every year. But the discovery of crude oil in the late 1950s monopolized the country’s economic policy and relegated agriculture to second place.

Taking this equation, a US-Nigerian entrepreneur has made a bet: to create an agricultural cooperative able to lift small farmers out of poverty, reduce unemployment and endemic violence in the country.

The promise of “Babban Gona” seduced Tolu and Ishaku, two young graduates settled in Kaduna, the northern state and the land where it all began. The organisation provides support to smallholder farmers throughout the season, such as Hajara and Haliru, who manage to send their children to school thanks to their increased yields.

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