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Babban Gona reaffirms commitment to job creation through agric.

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‘Our commitment to reduce unemployment through agriculture is real’

Reasons why top talent want to work in the agricultural space

The agricultural sector in Nigeria employs more than 36% of the country’s labour force, it remains one of the largest sectors, contributing an average of 24% to the nation’s GDP over the past seven years (2013 – 2019). The constant growth and evolving nature of the sector calls for consistent innovation and collaborative effort thereby …

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How farming could employ Africa’s young workforce — and help build peace.

Some Common Myths About Agriculture

The agricultural sector is perhaps one of the most underrated sectors in Nigeria, due to various perceptions that people have about the industry. However, while some of these may have been the case several decades ago, there has been a tremendous change within the sector and it has continued to evolve with time. Below are …

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Babban Gona means “Great Farmer” in Hausa, a language native to its home of Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country.

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investing in agriculture

Why Investing in Agriculture is Lucrative?

Making investments decisions come with such huge risks, especially regarding knowing what move to make or the industry to invest in. The agricultural sector in Nigeria, although improving in terms of participation and opportunities, being the largest private-sector group in Nigeria, still has quite a number of untapped potentials and endless possibilities. However, like every …

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As a child growing up in Lagos, then the capital of Nigeria, Kola Masha used to hear his American mother, a music teacher, reminisce